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Suburb Special in Shanghai

• Qibao Ancient Street Sticky Dumpling Restaurant

Sweet or salty? Your choice! Every dumpling is freshly made with cute sticky rice paste. The stuffing of sesame and pork is classic. Frozen dumplings are also available for take-aways.

Address: 26, South Avenue (near Fuqiang Street), Qibao Town, Minhang District
Tel: +86 21-64592917

• Qingpu Straw Bundled Pork & Grandma’s Zongzi

There are many unique delicacies in Zhujiajiao, best represented by Grandma’s Rice Pudding and Straw Bundled Pork. While the latter is a regular and historical snack in the south of Yangtze River, the former can be found everywhere today. The first rice pudding bistro here is Gehengsheng at the North Avenue.

Address: 308, North Avenue, Qingpu District
Tel: +86 21-59244453 5924838

• Sticky Dumpling Soup at Zhaolou Ancient Town

The dumplings handmade by the local owner feature thin skin, ample sauce and affordable price. The Large Dumpling with Shepherd’s Purse and Pork is the chef’s recommendation. If you want to take it away, the owner will carefully teach you how to cook it.

Address: Chenghuang Snack & Stick Dumping Restaurant, Zhaolou Ancient Town, Minhang District

• Rice with Greens and Salt Meat

Rice with greens and salt meat is purely natural, with well-cooked rice, tasty salty pork and fresh vegetable. Followed by Free Range Chicken Soup or Salty Purk Soup with Bamboo Shoot, it will make the best moment of your day

Address: Jinshan Farm Xintiandi Restaurant, 9177, Caolong Highway, Jinshan District
Tel: +86 21-57399251 57398080

• Songjiang Orchid Bamboo Shoot Restaurant

Every spring, you can enjoy the sensonal bamboo shoot here, with Braised pork with Orchid Bamboo Shoot as one of the chef’s recommendations, which is only available during a short period. Maqiao Tofu and Free Range Chicken Soup are also popular.

Address: Forest Hotel, Sheshan Tower Road, Songjiang District
Tel: +86 21-57651160 57657760

• Fengjing Pig Knuckle

Made of the foot of Fengjing Pig, which features small bones, thin skin and appropriate fat. The seasoning includes special Red Soy Sauce, rock sugar, Fairng Rice Wine, and Chinese Goji.

Address: Fengli Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan Dstrict
Tel: +86 21-57356626