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Street Food in Shanghai

In addition to dumpling, Shengjan and boiled tender chicken, there are many other delicacies hidden in the streets and lanes in Shanghai

  • Sticky Dumpling

With pork dumpling, sesame dumpling and red bean paste dumpling, one bite delivers the perfect combination of sticky rice and stuffing.

Recommended: Meixin Dim-sum Restaurant
Address: 105, North Shaanxi Road, Jing’an District
Tel: +86 21-62470030

  • WonTon

As thin as a veil, the skin wraps some pork mince and is boiled in water, before it is added into the delicious soup containing egg yolk slice, dried tiny shrimp and laver.

Recommended: Wanshouzhai
Address: 123, Shanyin Road, Hongkou District

  • Shuangdang Soup

The gluten stuffed with pork and the bean curd sheet containing dried shrimp, ham and pork are dancing together in the soup.

Recommended: Fuchun Dumpling
Address: 650, Yuyuan Road, Jing’an District
Tel: +86 21-62525117

  • Guotie

Grilled Dumpling and Pan-fried Bun are two sides of the same coin. You can choose Shengjian for its thick skin or Guotie for its thin skin.

Recommended: Siruchun Restaurant
Address: 72, Shiquan Road, Putuo District
Tel: +86 21-62143292

  • Xiasha Shaomai

A special snack in Pudong, featuring the stuffing made of poil and bamboo shoot dice.

Recommended: Xiasha Dete Sumai Restaurant
Address: 5263, Hunan Highway, Xiasha Town, Pudong New Area
Tel: +86 21-58146006

  • Cold Noodle

A must-have in traditional snack restaurants in summer. After boiling and cooling, the noodle is covered by your selection of side dish. accompanied by vinegar, peanut butter and sesame sauce.

Recommended: Weixiangzhai
Address: 14, Yandang Road, Huanu District
Tel: +86 21-53839032

  • Pork Mooncake

Shanghainese prefer Pork Mooncake to Cantonese Mooncake. The flavor of the pork stuffing is often the secret recipe of the store, which is delicious yet not oily.

Recommended: West Zone Laodafang (Yuyuan Road Flagship Store)
Address: 635, Yuyuan Road (near Zhenning Road), Changning District

  • Fried Rice Cake with Pork Steak

The deep-fried pork steak is golden, crispy and fragrant. The authentic Shanghai Spy Soy Sauce is the key. With soft rice cake and hot soup, your stomach will fell contented.

Recommended: Xiandelai (South Yunnan Road Store)
Address: 46, South Yunnan Road (near East Ninghai road), Huangpu District
Td: +86 21-63261284 63366108