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Fried Pork Dumplings (Shengjian)

Take a small bite, you will be enchanted by the mix of pork, oil, shallot and sesame. As Shanghainese usually calls “bun” as “mantou”, it is also known as “Shengjian Mantou” in Shanghai, which used to be sold in tea houses and boiled water shops.

• Xiaoyang Shengjian(Wujiang Road Store)

Chef’s Recommendations: Shengjian, Beef Soup with Vermicelli, Chicken & Duck Blood Soup
Address: 2/F., 269, Wujiang Road (near North Maoming Road),Jing’an District
Tel: +86 21-61361391

• Fengyu Shengjian

Chef’s Recommendations: Shenjian, Chicken & Duck Blood Soup, Small Dumpling Soup, Cold Noodle
Address: 281, South Shaanxi Road (near Shaoxing Road), Huangpu District
Tel: +86 21-64724609

• Wangjiasha

Chef’s Recommendations: Sweet Green Rice Ball, Crab Dumpling, Cold Noodle
Address: 805, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District
Tel: +86 21-62530404

• Nanxiang 1900 (Hongkou Longemont Store)

Chef’s Recommendations: Shrimp Dumpling, Small Dumpling Soup, Sweet-scented Osmanthus Cake
Address: 5/F., Tower B, Hongkou CapitaLand Longemont Shopping Center, 388, West Jiangwan Road, Hongkou District
Tel: +86 21-56380911