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Old Discoveries in Shanghai Old Houses

As embodiment of Shanghai’s history and modernity, old houses and modernity, old houses and buildings with unique cultural and historical features are storytellers telling the legend of Shanghai and great changes in the course of time.

Approaching one of the old building, you may step into a time tunnel where the building’s history awakes your hoary memory while you are appreciating the metropolitan dynamics and attractions enabled by the historical building. Old western-style houses are the most classic residential establishments in Shanghai. Most of these exotic gardened houses enjoy legendary histories and romances. Admired by local people in those years, the luxury building with fairy-tale setting also attract young generations nowadays.

Besides civilian residence, old houses and buildings in Shanghai are classified into 4 types:

-Tourist attractions: Shanghai Arts & Crafts Museum, the Former Residence of Song Qingling. the Former Residence of Zhou Enlai, the Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen, and the Former Residence of Cai Yuanpei etc.

-Restaurants: Ambrosia Restaurant (the former residence of Bai Chongxi), La Villa Rouge, Shanghai Xintiandi, and Mansion Restaurant etc.

-Hotels: Hengshan Hotel, Pujiang Hotel, Broadway Mansions Hotel, Shanghai Park Hotel, and Donghu Hotel etc.

-Entertainment establishments: Yong’an Department Store, Shanghai Concert Hall, Paramount Hall, and Majestic Theatre etc.

Some recommened routes to enjoy the finding:

Recommended route 1: Sightseeing: Shanghai Arts & Crafts Museum >>> Restaurant: Ambrosia Restaurant (the former residence of Bai Chongxi) >>> La Villa  Hotel >>> Hotel: Hengshan Hotel

Recommended route 2: Sightseeing: 1933 Old Millfun >>> Shanghai Postal Museum >>>Restaurant: Old Movie Café >>> Xianheng Restaurant >>> Hotel: Broadway mansions Hotel

Recommended route 3: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Zhou Enlai >>> Shikumen Museum >>> Xintiandi >>> Restaurant: Mansion Restaurant >>> Hotel: Mansion Hotel

Recommended route 4: Shanghai Art Museum >>> the new establishment of Shanghai Municipal Archives on the Bund >>> Restaurant: Whampoa Club >>> the Bund Brewery >>> Entertainment: Shanghai Concert Hall >>> Hotel: Shanghai Park Hotel

Recommended route 5: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Song Qingling >>> Restaurant: Shanghai Old Station Restaurant >>> Shenyuexuan Restaurant (the Cloves Garden) >>> Hotel: Donghu Hotel

Recommended route 6: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Cal Yuanpei >>> Restaurant Old Gardened House Restaurant >>> Entertainment: Paramount Hall, Majstic Theatre >>> Hotel: Jin’an Hotel

Recommended route 7: Sightseeing: The Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen >>> Luwan District Library >>> Restaurant: Old Gardened House Restaurant >>> Entertainment: Darketang Pu’er Club >>> Hotel: Jinjiang Hotel

Recommended route 8: Sightseeing: Bibliotheca Zi-ka-wei >>> Restaurant: Sasha Restaurant >>> Entertainment: Tianzifang >>> Hotel: Ruijin Hotel