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Recommended Route 8: Sightseeing: Bibliotheca Zi-ka-wei >>> Restaurant: Sasha Restaurant >>> Entertainment: Tianzifang >>> Hotel: Ruijin Hotel

Bibliotheca Zi-ka-wei - tracking the history of old books

Bibliotheca Zi-ka-wei was the first bibliotheca with the largest size in Shanghai. The South Building built in 1867 was also called Abbe Building, providing the living space for the abbes. The North Building built in 1896 was also called “Cangjinglou” as an integration of western and Chinese cultures. The ground floor layout followed the imperial libraries in Qing Dynasty while the 2nd floor layout followed European libraries, The books shelves with porches can only be seen in China.

Former name: Bibliotheca Zi-ka-wei
Built in: 1867
Architectural style: 4 storied house with sloped roof and outer parch
Tel: +86 21-64874095
Address: 80 North Cauxi Road

• Sasha Restaurant - bourgeois sentiment

Wood-made roof, girders, pillan, British-styled andiron, and a large garden enable a sense of private club. Lighting up a cigar from Havana, you may experience pure European feelings. More than 100 European wines for your selection enable a casual bourgeois sentiment.

Built in: 1936
Architectural style: Gardened residence in Dutch style
Former name: Former residence of Song Ziwen
Tel: +86 21-64746166
Address: li Dongping Road

• Tianzifang

You may see rural residence in early Qing Dynasty, new neighborhood, Spanish-styled buildings, and British-styled castles here. More chan 20 Shikumen styles are on display here. The place is well known in Shanghai for the availability of all styles. It’s a miniature of Shanghai’s history.
Add: Lane 210 Taikang Road

• Ruijin Hotel - staying with real VIPs

It’s a gardened villa with beautiful surroundings. Before being open to the public, it was used as the state’s guesthouse. Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Dong Biwu and Zhou Enlai, as well as leaders of foreign countries, used to live here. Now, you can enjoy high level services designed for the state’s leaders.

Built in: 1920
Architectural style: European and American classic style
Former name: The Benjamin Morris family estate
Tel: +86 21-64725222
Address: 118 Ruijin Er Road