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Recommended Route 7: Sightseeing: The Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen >>> Luwan District Library >>> Restaurant: Old Gardened House Restaurant >>> Entertainment: Darketang Pu’er Club >>> Hotel: Jinjiang Hotel

• The Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen – track of a revolutionary pioneer

Sun Yat-sen and his wife, Song Qingling, began to live here in June 1918. He met the representatives from the Chinese Communist Party here and set the foundation for the first cooperation between CCP and the KMT. His books Sun Wen Xue Shuo and Industrial Plans were written here.

Built in: Early 20the century
Architectural style: European rural style
Tel: +86 21-64372954
Address: 7 Xiangshan Road (29 Former Rue Moliere)

Luwan District Library - footpath on the mountain of books

The antique building enable a quiet and harmonious environment for book fans. There should be a book inspiring you …

Built In: 1929
Former name: Mingfu Library
Tel: +86 21-43701135
Address: 23S South Shaanxi Road

• Old Gardened House Restaurant - rain on phoenix tree

Located on a narrow street, it enjoy greenery of phoenix tree. A French-styled home and a garden covering about 1000 square meters form a quiet setting for lawn ceremonies, afternoon garden parties, wedding evenings and firework performance.

Architectural style: European style
Fromer name: Du Yuesheng’s Mansion
Tel: +86 21-64333506
Address: 27 Shaoxing Road

• Daketang Pu’er Club - enjoying faint scent

Have a rest and take a cup of Pu’er tea here. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, Enjoying faint scent, you’ll be delighted by the elegance of the old house.

Built in: 1933
Architectural style: Western style
Tel:+86 21-64676577
Address: 25, Lane 388, South Xiangyang Road

• Jinjiang Park Hotel - memory and tranquility

Built in 1920s, the building is decorated in 1980s style. The staircase, the decoration on the bronze doors, and the indicating bell are still in perfect elegance after 100 years.

Built In: 1925
Architectural style: British Gothic style
Tel: +86 21-32189888
Address: 59 South Maoming Road, Shanghai