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Recommended Route 6: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Cal Yuanpei >>> Restaurant Old Gardened House Restaurant >>>Entertainment: Paramount Hall, Majstic Theatre>>> Hotel: Jin’an Hotel

• Former Residence of CAI Yuanpei - approaching the celebrity In history

Cai Yuanpei, a great revolutionist and educator, recognized as “a model scholar” by Mao Zedong, used to live in this house. There is a bronze, a desk, a typewriter, a suitcase and books written by him.

Built in: Late Ming Dynasty
Architectural style: Gardened house in British style
Tel: +86 21-62484996
Address: 16, Lane 303, Huashan Road

• Jing’an Hotel - enjoying leisure and comfort

White wall, red tiles and the terrace in Spanish style take you away from the hullabaloo of the metropolis and enable you a sense of leisure.
Dishes like Cristal Shrimp (Sautéed Shelled Shrimp)served here are well known in Shanghai. Desirable residence and food are available here.

Former name: HG Apartments
Built in: 1920
Architectural style: The Main Building in Spanish style and the West Building in Japanese style
Tel: +86 21-62481888
Address: 370 Huashan Road

• Paramount Hall – a show of peace and prosperity

Resplendent lighting and luxurious decoration enable a desirable setting for ladies wearing Chi-pao and dancing in old shanghai manner.

Built in: 1931
Architectural style: Latter-day America ART DECO styl
Tel: +86 21-62498866
Address: 218 Yuyuan road

• Majestic Theatre – reciating arts

Mei Lanfang, the master of Peking Opera, and Ulanova, the master of ballet, used to perform in Majestic Theatre.

Built in: 1941
Architectural style: Integration of modern and classic western styles
Tel: +86 21-62798663
Address: 66 Jiangning Road

• Moller Villa - a real fairy tale

The villa was designed according to the owner’s beloved daughter. The little girl dreamed of owning a castle similar to those in Andersen’s fairy tales. Moller asked architect to design the villa to realize his daughter’s dream: Moller Villa.

Built in: 1936
Architectural style: Nordic Norwegian style
Tel: +86 21-6247881
Add: 30 South Shaanxi Road