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Recommended route5: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Song Qingling >>> Restaurant: Shanghai Old Station Restaurant >>>Shenyuexuan Restaurant (the Cloves Garden)>>> Hotel: Donghu Hotel

• Former Residence of Song Qingling - grace of a stateswoman

Song Qingling began to live here in 1949, Before going to Beijing in 1963, she had been living in this house.

Built in: 1920
Architectural style: Gardened 3-storied house in French style
Tel: +86 21-64376268
Address: 1843 Huaihai Zhong Road

• Shanghai Old Station Restaurant - an alternative restaurant place

Antique corridor, white curtain, brown wood floor, and the Ci Xi and Song Qingling special train placed in the garden enable a sense of antique beauty.

Former name: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Built in: 1855
Architectural style: Neoclassicism
Tel: +86 21-64272233
Address: 201 North Caoxi Road

• Shenyuexuan Restaurant (the Cloves Garden) - a premiere gardened house

Regarded as the No.1 gardening work in Shanghai. The Cloves Garden is now well known as a Cantonese styled restaurant.

Built in: Late 19th century
Architectural style: British rural style and Chinese gardening
Tel: +86 21-6251 1166
Address: 849 Huashan Road (within the Cloves Garden)

• Donghu Hotel - a history of 100 years

It’s gray house in western style with a stylish black door and greenery surrounding the house. Carving works can be seen everywhere in the house. Joseph brothers lived here and controlled half of the Shanghai foreign exchange market in 1920s.

Former name: Residence of Joseph brothers
Built in: 1925
Architectural style: Courtyard in South China style and comfortable and elegant villa in French style
Tel: +86 21-64158138
Address: 70 Donghu Road