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Recommended route 4: Shanghai Art Museum >>> the new establishment of Shanghai Municipal Archives on the Bund >>> Restaurant: Whampoa Club >>> the Bund Brewery >>> Entertainment: Shanghai Concert Hall >>> Hotel: Shanghai Park Hotel

• The new establishment of Shanghai Municipal Archives on the Bund - an exhibition journey

Standing in the roof garden, you may enjoy the great view of both banks of the Huangpu River, buildings in styles of different nations, and the old Shanghai county site. It’s a window showcasing Shanghai and great view of the Bund!

Former name: French Mail Line Building
Built in: 1939 Tel: +86 21-63336633
Address: 9 Zhongshan Dong Er Road

• Whampoa Club - grace with low profile

The Whampoa Club serves cuisines created by Mr. Liang Zigeng, a top chef with worldwide fame. He cooks in a manner of creating modern art works to satisfy Chinese food fans.

Built in: 1916 (No. 3. the Bund, former Union Building)
Architectural style: Neoclassicism
Tel: +86 21-63213737
Address: Building 5, No. 3, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road (building 5, No. 3, the Bund)

• The Bund Brewery - full German style

The Bund Brewery is first bar serving home-made fresh beer in Shanghai. It is a miniature of German drinkery with Bavarian decoration and furniture.

Architectural style: European style
Tel: +86 21-63218447 Add: 11 Hankou Road (near the Bund)

• Shanghai Concert Hall - a palace of elegance

Ideologists often look for inspirations here. Music leads you to thinking. World-class musical performers and hands often show up here.

Former name: Nanjing Theater
Built: 1930
Architectural style: Traditional European style
Tel: +86 21-63865772
Address: 523 East Yan’an Road

• Shanghai Park Hotel - memory of old good days

The first skyscraper financially funded by Chinese people, it was the most advanced hotel in Asia in 1930s. Song Meiling, Zhang Xueliang, Claire Lee Chennault, Chen Yi, Guo Moruo and other celebrities Chinese history hand been here.

Former name: The Joint Saving Society Bank Building
Built in: 1933
Architectural style: European and American Art Deco style
Tel: +86 21-63275225
Address: No. 170, West Nanjing Road