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Recommended route 3: Sightseeing: Former Residence of Zhou Enlai >>> Shikumen Museum >>> Xintiandi >>> Restaurant: Mansion Restaurant >>> Hotel: Mansion Hotel

• Former Residence of Zhou Enlai - revering the revolutionist

It served as Shanghai representative office of the Chinese Communist Party in 1946 and was know as Zhou Mansion. Zhou Enlai had been in Shanghai for 4 times. He held press conferences and met patriots and democrats here.

Built in: 1920
Architectural style: Gardened house in western style
Tel: +86 21-6473042
Address: 73 Sinan Road

Shikumen Museum - a sense of home

Shikumen Museum exhibits home images of old Shanghai folks. All items on display date back to 1920s or 1930s. Stoves, ashtrays, square tables, Chinese grandfather chairs, gramophones. and rouge casket are all in their original forms!

Tel: +86 21-33070337
Add: Building 2. Lane 181, Taicang Road (near Xingye Road)

• Xintiandi - metropolitan fashion and trendiness

Buildings in Shikumen style inspire sensual feelings! Metropolitan fashion trends and European styled romantics interact with each other at midnight and reveal the essence of “the World’s Shanghai”

Tel: +86 21-53829898
Address: Lane 181, Taicang Road

• Mansion Restaurant - enjoying homage and dignity

Du Yuesheng and Dai Li used to live here. Dated items like the rouge casket used by Hu Die, European-styled antique furniture and the tablet inscribed by li Hongzhang are displayed to enable a sense of mystery and elegance.

Former name: Du Yuesheng’s Mansion
Bulding in: 1921
Architectural style: Gardened house in European style
Tel: +86 21-64157777 Add: 7 Donghu Road

• Mansion Hotel Shanghai - collection of good old days

Cameras, gramophones, and even a piece of fancy soap that was made by P&G in early 20th century and is displayed in the cabinet casual are all rare collections.

Former use: Office of a joint venture co-launched by HuangJinrong and Du Yuesheng
Built in: 1930
Architectural style: French styled modern building
Tel: +86 21-54039888
Add: 82 Xinle Road