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Remmended route 2: Sight seeing: 1933 Old Millfun >>> Shanghai Postal Museum >>> Restaurant: Old Movie Café, Xianheng Restaurant >>> Hotel: Broadway mansions Hotel

1933 - a place for fashion fans

Built in 1933, it used to serve as Shanghai Municipal Council Abattoir. With rugged architectural outline and wandering porch, it represented cutting-edge technologies at that time. Now, it has become a place for experiencing trendy things.

Former name: Shanghai Municipal Council Abattoir
Built in: 1933 Architectural
style: British style with basilica elements, designed by Balfours, British architect in 1930s
Tel: +86 21-68881933 Add: 10 Shajing Road (Liyang Road intersection)

Shanghai Postal Museum - 100 years of postal stamps

Located in Shanghai Postal Building, one of the Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State, Shanghai Postal Museum used to be a first-class postal building in the Far East. Stepping onto the roof garden, one may enjoy a great view of both banks of the Huangpu River.

Built in: 1924
Architectural style: British classic style
Tel: +86 21-63060798
Address: No. 250, North Suzhou Road

• Old Movie Café - a sense of black and white

Old black-and-white movies enable reminiscence. The aroma of coffee inspires romantic imagination. An autumn evening spent in this old house will be memorable forever.

Built in: 1920 Architectural
style: Western-styled house
Tel: +86 21-56964763
Address: 123 Duolun Road

• Xianheng Restaurant - with Shaoxing features

Located on Duolun Road Cultural Celebrities Street, the restaurant specializes in serving Shaoxing local cuisines and Shaoxing rice wine. With antique and elegant decorations, it features cultural sentiments.

Tel: +86 21-56966767
Add: 22 Duolun Road (near North Sichuan Road)

• Broadway Mansions Hotel - a witness of prosperity of the Bund

One of modern Relics under State-level Protection, Broadway Mansions Hotel neighbors the Garden Bridge and is located within the Bund area, where convenient transportation and great view are available.

Former name: Broadway Mansions Hotel
Built in: 1934
Tel: +86 21-6324 6260
Architectural style: Neoclassicism
Address: 20 North Suzhou Road