Shanghai-China : Attractions : Old Houses

Recommended route 1: Sightseeing: Shanghai Arts & Crafts Museum >>> Restaurant: Ambrosia Restaurant (the former residence of Bai Chongxi) >>> La Villa Hotel>>> Hotel: Hengshan Hotel

• Shanghai Arts & Crafts Museum

300 pieces of art works, including Jiading bamboo carving, ivory carving, jade carving, Gu, a collection of embroidery, and folk crafts, among which the Mushroom Ink Stone and the Sistine Madonna are particularly treasured.

Built in: 1905
Architectural style: Late French Renaissance French architectural style
Tel: +86 21-64311431
Add: 79 Fenyang load

• Ambrosia Restaurant (the former residence of Bai Chongxi): -a perfect place for quality barbecue food and Japanese food

Known as the little White House, it is the former residence Bai Chongxi, a former high-ranking KMT general. The barbecue section features a design of European castle cellar. Teppanyaki is accompanied with home-brewed beer.

Built in: 1920
Architectural style: French Renaissance architectural style
Former name: Private garden of a French adventurer Michel Speelman and former residence of Bai Chongxi
Tel: +86 21-64313935 Add: 150 Fenyang Road

• La Villa Rouge - a musical characteristic restaurant

Famous artists and movie stars like Mei Lanfang, Hu Die and Zhou Xuan had their voice recorded here while musicians like Nie Er and Xian Xinghai produced many masterpieces in PATHE-MARCONT. Come here and enjoy a nice evening embraced by old Shanghai sentiment and modern metropolitan passion.

Former name: PATHE-MARCONT China Headquarters
Built in: 1921
Architectural style: French styled house
Tel: +86 21-64319811
Address: 811 Hengshan Road (within Xujiahui Greenland)

• Hengshan Hotel: - romance and elegance

One of the 6 famous hotels in Shanghai in 1940s, Hengshan Hotel is located on Hengshan Road, which is known as Oriental Avencce Des Champa Elysees. Neighboring Xujiahui Greenland and Hengshan Park, it enjoys desirable greeneries.

Built in: 1934
Architectural style: French styled modern building
Tel: +86 21-64377050
Address: 534 Hengshan Road