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Museums in Shanghai

Shanghai boasts over 100 museums of all stripes strewn throughout the city.

Arts & Culture Museums:

A city of art and fashion, Shanghai presents a number of cultural and artistic museums to both citizens and tourists.

Museums for kids:

The museums designed for kids offer a perfect space of learning and enjoyment, to better explore the world and the nature.

Science & Technology Museums:

Themed Museums:

Either discovering the city or illustrating the evolution of different industries, the themed museums in Shanghai tell it all.

Memory of World Expo:

World Expo Shanghai 2010 leaves a number of urban attractions in Shanghai, which turns it an indispensable part of the city.

Historic Residences:

The cosmopolitan spirit makes Shanghai a city full of celebrities’ stories, who have left their marks in the history of Shanghai.

More Museums :

Tips on Museum Tour in Shanghai

  1. Schedule: Many museums are closed on a certain day of the week, which is Monday in most cases. Please check the official websites for more details.
  2. Reservation: Group visit is subject to reservation Individual visitors don’t need to reserve.
  3. Shopping: Many museums have gift shops for you to shop the souvenirs representative of Shanghai and the attraction.
  4. Photographing: Take photos under the guide of the museum.
  5. Food & beverage: There are light meals in some of the museums for your choice.