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Tianma Country Club

Situated in a region famed as the bread-basket of the country in central-south China, Tianma Golf is surrounded by flat and rich agricultural land of grain paddies as well as numerous lakes and ponds of various sizes dotting at random and teeming with abundant fresh water fish and prawns.

Tianma is different from the other golf courses in Shanghai. Being part of the Sheshan National Tourism Park, it has what the others do not in the only mountain in Shanghai, Sheshan as its backdrop. Only about half an hour's drive from Hong Qiao Airport of Shanghai, this 27-hole course is known for its natural beauty naturally propped up by the mountain in its backyard.

Area 146 hectares
Survey 27 holes
Design Paciffic Coast Design
Address 1 Tianmashan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Transportation 50 km from the city center
Tel +86 21-5766 1666