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Shanghai West Golf Country Club

West Golf Club sits before the tall road-bridge famous for its sunset view over a huge waterway that is part of the famous 'water county' of Zhouzhuang, a village-town of antiquity made famous by the late artist Chen Yifei.

Covering an openness of about 250 acres of lush green one might be deceived by the fact that most of the fairways are generously broad and there are officially no out-of-bound areas, that the course is in fact an easy walk-about. Broadly that's true, until one finds the water-ways that either line the fairways at the fringe and often demarcate one hole from another or simply traverse when without it the day would certainly have been much easier.

Area 50 hectares
Survey 18 holes
Design American Kana & Kan Designing Firm
Address 128 Cheting Road, Chedun Town, Shanghai, 201611
Transportation 40 km from the city center
Tel +86 21-5760 1537