Shanghai-China : Travel

Getting around in Shanghai

It is easy to get around in Shanghai. There is a well-developed public transport system and there are many boulevards and major highways to navigate to the tourist locations for drivers. To get around between major destinations you can use the public transport, car rental and taxis.

City Tour Bus
Shanghai just got it's first sightseeing bus - Linha Turismo. It leaves from the tourist office downtown, and takes you on a guided tour with English, Spanish, and Portuguese translation.

Public Transportation
The public transport system is made up of the metro, buses and micorbus that criss-cross the city.

Shanghai Car Rental
There are several major car rental companies that offer their services to travellers arriving at the airports. It is better to take a car if travelling for more than 10 days or so because insurance and taxes can then be spread out and make it an affordable option.

Shanghai Taxi
All taxis need to be taken from marked taxi stands in the city or you can wave them from the street if you are more than 100 metres from a taxi stand. Note down telephone numbers of taxi companies and what taxis should look like in general to ensure you are taking a taxi.