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Sihang Warehouse Creative Park

Sihang Warehouse is a six-storey reinforced concrete warehouse constructed in 1927 for four banks. It is also a famous battlefront in China’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Xie Jinyuan and his soldiers fought bravely here against Japanese army and enshrined Sihang Warehouse as the symbol of patriotism. Mr. Wang Daohan, former mayor of Shanghai. calligraphed “Shanghai Sihang Warehouse” in Chinese characters for the inscribed board of Sihang Warehouse. Now, the Sihang Warehouse Creative Park is characteristic of creative designs and fashionable clothes, forming an industry chain centered on creative ideas.

Original Name: Sihang Warehouse
Address: 1 Guangfu Road. Zhabei District
Tel:+86 21-6380714l
Public Transport: Xinzha Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 1; Qufu Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 8
Creative Advertisement Design / Creative Architectural Design /
Individualized Clothing Design