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The spiritual feelings for Suzhou River have nurtured the leading-edge creativity of M50, making the most intact heritage of China’s national industry along the Suzhou River. Today, M5 has attracted more than one hundred artistic studios, galleries, video production studios, higher art education institutions, clothing and product design studios, creating a new landmark of fashion, culture and creative ideas in Shanghai.

Original Name: Old Factory Buildings of Xinhe Cotton Mill, Shanghai
Chunming Roving Factory and Shanghai No.12 Woolen Mill
Address: 50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District
Tel: +86 21-62260963
Public Transport: Shanghai Railway Station of Shanghai Metro Line 1, 3 and 4; Zhongtan Road Station of Shanghai Metro line 3 and 4

Collection of Artistic Studios/ Creative Agencies of Multiple Industries /Mature New Fashion Landmark