Shanghai-China : Travel

City Tour Bus

One of the fastest forms and practices of knowing a city is doing a city tour. Several large cities already offer this service and Shanghai could not be different. The sighseeing bus offer 3 routes:

Red route (Shanghai Puxi Tour), Blue route(Shanghai Pudong Tour), Green route(Shanghai Temple Tour)

Audio guides are provided in the bus. Visitor can get a free earphone for free when aboard. After installing the earphone into the opening provided, Visitor can receive the introductions of places of interest in the city. 8 different languages, include English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and French. Visitors can hop-on, hop off at any stations on both routes at will. The one-day ticket cost RMB 30 and could used for 24 hours. One adult could take one child under 1.4m for free.

Operating Hours:
From May 1st - Oct 31st From Nov 1st - Apr. 30th Interval
Red Route 9:00—19:00
30 minutes
Blue Route 9:45—19:15 9:45—17:15 45 minutes
Green Route: 9:15—19:15 9:15—17:15 1 hr