Shanghai-China : Public Transportation

Shanghai Taxi

The minimum charge is RMB 14 (sometimes plus another RMB 1 for oil tax) for the first 3 km and RMB 2.4 for each additional km. It is important to keep your receipt for reimbursement and also in case you leave any belongings in the taxi. On the receipt is the phone number of the taxi company, the number of the driver’s license, the time and duration of the fare, the number of the kilometres travelled and arrival time.
It is advisable to have your destination written in Chinese characters to avoid any problems with pronunciation, as few taxi drivers speak English or can read Pinyin. It is also useful to know the nearest junction.
There is no shortage of taxis in Shanghai. You can flag down a taxi anywhere in the street. However, for those times when you need to reserve a car (rush hours or rainy days) call one of the below reputable taxi companies.

Detailed Taxi Fee (2013)

0-3 km 3-10 km above 10 km
Day 5:00-23:00 14 RMB 2.4 /km 3.6 / km
Night 23:00-5:00 18 3.1 / km 4.7 /km
Every 5 minutes waiting time = 1 km

Taxi Companies
Da Zhong +86 21 96822 (need additinal RMB 4 if call)
Da Zhong Trucks +86 21 96811 (Da Zhong also has small trucks for small moving jobs. Rates are based on the truck meter rate, which is slightly higher than for regular taxis. Drivers are not movers but for a nominal cash tip they will usually help you with moving.)
Qiang Sheng +86 21 6258-0000 / 6258 1234 (offers English reservation service)
Jin Jiang + 8621 96961/ +8621 6464 7777 (Jin Jiang also has vans)
Ba Shi +86 21 96840