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Shanghai Maglev

The Magnetic Elevated Train is a novel way to leave the airport, but there is only one stop and it is still in rural Pudong. To travel downtown you need to then connect with the Metro system at Longyang Lu Station (adjacent to the Maglev station) or take a taxi. The top speed is about 430km/h.

Maglev Timetable:
Longyang Station: from 6:45-21:40
PuDong Airport Station: from 7:02-21:42
Interval: Every 15 minutes during 6:45-19:00; Every 20 minutes 19:00-21:40

Maglev price:
Normal ticket: RMB 50 for single trip; RMB 80 for round trip;
VIP ticket: RMB 100 for single trip; RMB 80 for round trip