Shanghai-China : Getting Around

Shanghai Car Rental

You may need an ID card or passport, Chinese driver’s license (minimum one- or two-year driving record), some rental companies request advance payment of RMB 5,000 deposit and renting expense.
If you process with Avis with an International driver’s license, you have to provide a local Shanghai warrantor and his Shanghai ID card and Shanghai Household booklet. Avis handles the work of applying for a Chinese Temporary License. It is recommended to rent the car WITH the driver from
any company.

Here are some car rental companies in Shanghai for your reference:

Avis Shanghai
1387 Changning Road Changning District
Tel: +86 21 62410215

Hertz Shanghai
Suite 306, 1088 Yanan West Road, Chang Feng Centre
Tel: 800 810 8883; +86 21 62116381

Shanghai Qiang Sheng Car Rent Co.
Tel: +86 21 6258 3799

Jinjiang Taxi and Car Rental Co.
Tel: +86 21 6464 8888

Shanghai Da Zhong Car Rental and Leasing Co.
Tel: +86 21 56655555