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Jiading Tour

Jiading has many faces. The Confucius Temple, Fahua Pagoda, Qui Lin Xia Pu, Nanxiang Old Street, Guqi Gardon, Yunxiang Temple and Wuxing Temple offer interesting glimpses into the district’s history. The bamboo carving arid hay waving which have been inscribed on China’s intangible heritage list reflects Jiading’s rich folkloric tradition,

Jiading has jumped on the world’s auto bandwagon. Shanghai International Circuit (SIC), the assembly line of Shanghai Volkswagen and the Auto Museum with its vintage cars on display will take you into a fantastic auto world.

Those who have had enough of the fast-paced urban life can retreat to Jiading’s bucolic sites like Malu Grapes Art Village, Huating Renjia and Waigang Chimonanthus Garden.

Jiading, a district of Shanghai that blends history and modernity, offers travelers, vacationers and daytrippers unique leisure options. Recommended routes and transportaton.