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Chongming Tour

Chongming County contains three islands – Chongming Island, Changxing Island and Hengsha Island, which collectively span an area of 1 ,41 1 square kilometers. Chongming Island, roughly located in the midpoint of China’s eastern coastline fronting onto the Pacific Ocean, is the world’s largest alluvial island and China’s third largest island after Taiwan and Hainan. In 2010, Chongming Island was voted the 15th “hometown of Longevity” and the first “island of Longevity” in China. In 2011, it was honored by China Tourism Association as the place with the strongest sense of well-being in China.

With its unspoiled environment, Chongming Island is one-of-a-kind destination great for eco-tours and restorative vacations. The county runs two 4A-class attractions and four 3A-class attractions. The tourism of the island focuses on three zones - East Chongming, Central Chongming and West Chongming. East Chongming features Dongtan Wetland Park and agritainment options in Yingdong Village and Nanjiang Village. Central Chongming features Dongping National Forest Park, agritainment options at Qianwei Village, Gaojia Zhuangyuan and Ruihua Orchard, Genbao Football Base, Chongming Xuegong (Chongming Museum), Jinaoshan Park, Shou’an Temple and Sanmin Cultural Village. West Chongming offers Mingzhu Lake Park, Xiling Resort, Xisha Wetland and agritainment at Lugang Village. Main attractions has the bike rental for island's bike cyling.

In terms of infrastructure, the county has 10 star hotels, including five 3-star, offering 11,773 beds in total. Visitors are served by 21 tour operators and can shop at 6 supermarkets for unique local products. Those who choose to drive there can park their car in one of the 4,800 parking spaces.